cloud computing, remote desktop, cloud services The Benefits of Using Cloud Technology for Business

In today’s day and age of COVID-19, flexibility for businesses is paramount. For that reason, corporate use of cloud computing is on the rise. If you’re unsure what it is or are just looking to learn the advantages of it, we’ve got you covered with a full list from our professional team of IT experts.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing involves the use of standard IT functions done solely over the internet without a physical server or hard drive.

Why your Company should Use Cloud Technology

Reduced Costs

For the most part, cloud technology can help businesses save money. Instead of spending a fortune on installing and maintaining expensive hardware and software, your managed services provider will take care of it for you.

With this extra time and freed up funds, you can expend more energy and resources into growing your company.

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Flexible Workplaces

With COVID-19 pushing many workplaces remote, flexibility and versatility of the workplace is more important than ever. Cloud computing helps make this possible. When working from home, employees won’t need to access to their computers—all they would need is internet access.


Since industries move rapidly with new technology daily, a business needs to be able to scale up or down when necessary. With cloud computing technology, you can scale your computer systems up or down without having to constantly purchase and install new, expensive infrastructure.

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Collaboration Possibilities

In a cloud computing environment, your employees will be able to communicate and collaborate efficiently. Even if your team is working on a project from different locations, you will still all be able to access the same files seamlessly. You can also easily give access to potential contractors, advisers or third parties.

Cloud computing may very well be the future. So, if your company is looking to get in on the party before it explodes, TCI Technologies can help you do it. We can assist your business in setting up cloud technology for your entire team.

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