automated warehouse

Efficiency at What Cost? The Negative Effects of Automation

Automation has become the foundation of efficiency and productivity for businesses across various industries. It covers everything from customer service chatbots to inventory management, making operations smoother and faster. However, with great convenience comes great responsibility, especially regarding cybersecurity. One of the negative effects of automation is that businesses may be even more susceptible to…

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doctor in lab coat holding various cyber medical icons

Patient Data Protection: Tips for Doctors and Patients

Patient data protection has become paramount in the medical field. 95% of all identity theft incidents are from stolen healthcare records. With electronic health records and online communication becoming increasingly commonplace, doctors and patients must actively safeguard against cyber-attacks. The enormous amounts of information stored within medical records are so valuable on the dark web…

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gavel designed as a circuit board

Navigating a New Landscape: Cyber Security Regulations

The first and foremost reason behind introducing new cybersecurity regulations is the ever-evolving threat landscape. Cyberattacks have become more sophisticated and prevalent, targeting everything from personal data to critical infrastructure. With the rise of ransomware attacks, data breaches, and state-sponsored cyber espionage, a wealth of new official cybersecurity regulations exist on state, national, and global…

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people sitting side by side on laptops with social media icons around them

Social Engineering Prevention: Starts with Education, Awareness, and a Plan of Action

Security researchers report that over 700 organizations fall victim to social engineering attacks yearly. Social engineering uses psychological methods to trick people into disclosing private information or allowing unwanted access. Human error accounts for 95% of all cybersecurity breaches, which is why employees are the primary target. From opening up an email, responding to a…

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computer keyboard button saying penetration testing

The Phases of Penetration Testing Combine for Crucial Quality Control

Cyberattacks are happening roughly every 32 seconds worldwide. Without effective cybersecurity measures in place, your business is highly vulnerable to a security breach. One way to ensure that your computer network is protected is to run a penetration test, which is an authorized simulated attack to test the effectiveness of your cybersecurity. There are different…

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