Hybrid Work Environment Challenges

Remote/Hybrid Work Environment Challenges and How TCI can help Combat Them

One thing is sure about the future of work: hybrid work arrangements will be the standard for many companies, from tech to pharmaceuticals to customer service. There are strong reasons why many businesses and workers are pleased about this combination of in-person and remote work, and equally good reasons why many are concerned. However, as more…

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Latin indian businessman having virtual team meeting group call chatting with diverse people in customer support. Video conference call on computer with manager and employees. Over shoulder view.

A New Tool for Boosting Employee Productivity in the Modern Workplace

Over the last few years, how we work has drastically changed. While some employees have returned to the office, many are still working remotely. As the landscape continues to evolve, employee productivity remains a top priority. But how does one maintain productivity with an increasingly decentralized workforce? While there are many ways to boost employee…

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VoIP security

With Cyberattacks on the Rise, VoIP Security Moves to the Forefront

Over the last few months, cybercrime has continued to dominate the headlines. In late September, VOIP.ms, a Canada-based VoIP provider, experienced a massive ransom distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, which impacted tens of thousands of customers in over 124 countries. High-profile VoIP cyberattacks like this one have thrust VoIP security into the spotlight. If…

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