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Warning! Akira Ransomware Threat

We must alert you to a new cybersecurity threat that demands immediate attention. Akira is a new ransomware that poses a significant risk to businesses of all sizes and has targeted multiple sectors, including finance, real estate, manufacturing, and healthcare. It will encrypt your valuable data and demand ransom payments in the millions, or your…

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VPN Security Risks: Is This Still A Safe Option?

There are 1.5 billion Virtual Private Network (VPN) users worldwide. The whole purpose of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is to make your internet connection private and more secure by encrypting your data and disguising your IP address. This hides users browsing activity, identity, and location, allowing for greater privacy and autonomy. However, with all…

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What is Datafication and How Does it Impact Our Daily Lives?

So, what is datafication, you ask? Data has become the life source of many businesses, driving decision-making, innovation, and growth. This technological trend entails converting vast amounts of information into digital form for analysis and application. Although this transformation has fundamentally and positively changed how many businesses function, it also introduces cybersecurity risks that can…

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automated warehouse

Efficiency at What Cost? The Negative Effects of Automation

Automation has become the foundation of efficiency and productivity for businesses across various industries. It covers everything from customer service chatbots to inventory management, making operations smoother and faster. However, with great convenience comes great responsibility, especially regarding cybersecurity. One of the negative effects of automation is that businesses may be even more susceptible to…

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Patient Data Protection: Tips for Doctors and Patients

Patient data protection has become paramount in the medical field. 95% of all identity theft incidents are from stolen healthcare records. With electronic health records and online communication becoming increasingly commonplace, doctors and patients must actively safeguard against cyber-attacks. The enormous amounts of information stored within medical records are so valuable on the dark web…

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Navigating a New Landscape: Cyber Security Regulations

The first and foremost reason behind introducing new cybersecurity regulations is the ever-evolving threat landscape. Cyberattacks have become more sophisticated and prevalent, targeting everything from personal data to critical infrastructure. With the rise of ransomware attacks, data breaches, and state-sponsored cyber espionage, a wealth of new official cybersecurity regulations exist on state, national, and global…

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