computer keyboard button saying penetration testing

The Phases of Penetration Testing Combine for Crucial Quality Control

Cyberattacks are happening roughly every 32 seconds worldwide. Without effective cybersecurity measures in place, your business is highly vulnerable to a security breach. One way to ensure that your computer network is protected is to run a penetration test, which is an authorized simulated attack to test the effectiveness of your cybersecurity. There are different…

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botnet attacks written out over red background

How to Prevent Botnet Attacks: Keep Your Computer from Becoming an Unwitting Accomplice

Gone are the days when cyberattacks only targeted large companies. As businesses of all sizes increasingly rely on data, smaller businesses are becoming targets, too. One of the latest challenges comes from botnets. Botnet attacks can cause immense damage to small businesses, even threatening their existence. Read on to find out how they can affect…

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