With all of the press Apple has been getting over the past few weeks, it only makes sense that we start giving one of their primary competitors a look too. Just the other day I was looking on the Mac app store at cloud storage apps and was surprised to see that OneDrive, an application that I use pretty much every day, had a meager two-star rating. It might just be because the app does not work very well on Mac’s but using OneDrive as your main cloud storage may be the best decision you have ever made. And here is why you should backup to OneDrive.

Backup to OneDrive and Streamline Your Workflow

Use Microsoft Office Online

Remember when you used to have to pay for Microsoft Office and how annoying it was trying to open up documents in alternate programs like Text Edit? Yeah, so do we. Luckily, we no longer have to deal with that (and neither do you). With Microsoft Office Online you get Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint (all with a free Microsoft account) which allows you to use the latest version of office online. All of your files are continuously saved (thanks to a backup to OneDrive) which means you no longer have to live in fear of your computer crashing and you have access to your work no matter what computer you are using.

Sync all of your Notes with OneDrive

OneNote is a free Microsoft application that gives you the ability to take notes on your computer, tablet or phone. The interface is, I believe, the closest thing to an actual notepad (out of all of the note taking applications) and is extremely easy to work with. And, when you consider the fact that you can sync your notes with your OneDrive account you no longer have to worry about misplacing the notes you took during that important Monday morning meeting. So, stay on task and on top of things by pairing OneNote with OneDrive (and make sure you backup to OneDrive to share those notes).

Upload Photos from Your Phone Automatically

If you are looking for some additional space on your OneDrive account you can get an additional couple gigs of space by syncing your phones camera roll to backup to OneDrive. That means you do not have to worry about losing your photo’s if your phone is damaged or dies a tragic, watery death. I did it mostly for the extra space and thus far I have not been disappointed.

So, for as much press as the iCloud has received lately you will definitely want to give Microsoft’s OneDrive application a look. With free access to Word, Excel and PowerPoint it could allow you to change the way you work and to enjoy the comfort of having your documents saved and backed up in the cloud. We love to backup to OneDrive, and so should you.Get IT Support Now