News 11 Advancements in 2014 at TCI Technologies

They say the cure for a hangover is to crack open another beer, and fortunately for us, the day after Cinco de Mayo is another cause for celebration—TCI’s anniversary!

Since TCI’s inception, from service additions, team expansion, and an entire company rebranding, the past eleven years have been both fun and exciting.

In honor of our anniversary this year, we wanted to highlight our top 11 changes at TCI in 2014.

1. HD Camera Installations

We’ve greatly expanded our audio visual department, heavily increasing the number of HD camera systems we’ve been installing. Our Network Video Solutions experts strategically place external cameras throughout buildings, then connect them all to DVR systems that are installed to record video. They’re accessible remotely through IP and DNS, which makes them both secure and easy to use.

2. Windows XP End of Life

This April marked the dreaded End of Life for Windows XP. Our team swiftly and painlessly transitioned over 300 client machines from Windows XP to Windows 7 to meet the deadline. This ensured that our clients’ information was always safe from security issues such as Heartbleed, which reared its ugly head just as XP reached its End of Life.

3. New Additions to the Sales Team

We have recently selected a handful of new sales staff, and are training them extensively in the benefits of our IT solutions services. We’re really excited to be able to grow this branch of our team, because more people means more of our time can be dedicated to giving our clients the one-on-one attention that they’ve come to know and expect of TCI.

4. Expanding Our Office

Though we’re still in the midst of it, our office is expanding into the space next door. This is a huge opportunity, because it’s allowing us to expand our team even further. More space means more techs, which means more people to help our clients navigate all of the IT services that they need to run their businesses.

5. Certified Technicians

Speaking of our techs, they’re all certified in Cisco, Microsoft, Comptia, and Dell, which is something we’re very proud of! It means that when you trust your IT solutions to TCI, you can be sure that you have experts working diligently to keep your systems up and running.

6. Cloud VoIP

Cloud VoIP is another service that we’ve been expanding. These phone systems are especially awesome, because you can literally pick up your phone and take it with you anywhere you go, then plug it into any existing internet connection and get back to business.

7. Dedicated Backup Hosting

In addition to cloud storage, we provide dedicated backup hosting, which means that your most important data can also be stored locally at TCI for immediate download. That’s double the protection to ensure that you can always access your information whenever you need it, regardless of circumstances such as power outages, malware contamination, etc.

8. Upgraded to CAT6 Cabling

We’ve upgraded our structured cabling services to use CAT6 cabling, the new standard that allows up to 10GB of data transfer, compared to 1GB that was previously allowed by CAT5.

9. Hosted Exchange Service

One of our best services for companies that don’t require in-house email servers is our hosted exchange service, which is an inexpensive, hosted solution. Company email can be accessed from anywhere, and is protected on our secure, cloud servers.

10. Virtualization

Virtualization is one of our favorite services that we’re expanding. With multiple virtual servers inside of a single physical host, we can offer our clients on-the-fly resource diversion. Instead of having all of your important data on a single physical server, it can be running on multiple virtual servers, which allows information to be processed and delivered more quickly, and provides failover protection, because should one virtual server experience an issue, there’s another virtual server to pick up its slack.

11. Introducing: The Ice Machine!

Saving the best for last, we’d like to introduce the newest, most long-awaited addition to our office: The Ice Machine! Also fondly referred to as “the paper weight,” our new ice machine is (hopefully, eventually) going to keep our drinks cold during our late nights in the office. We hear that these machines work best when they’re connected to water, so we look forward to the days that the machine starts rumbling and filling itself with ice. For now it’s just going to hold down the fort, acting as a shelf for cups beside the water cooler.

And there you have it! Eleven of the things we’re most excited about at TCI Technologies in 2014. We’d like to sincerely thank our clients for another incredible year of working together. If your company is looking for IT solutions, give us a call at 516-484-5151! We’d be happy to help!


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