In a previous post, we discussed how cloud computing firms are a little nervous about the future of their online services after Edward Snowden’s now infamous (or famous) leak of confidential NSA surveillance information. That leak could cost cloud companies between $22 billion to $35 billion in foreign business over the next three years. Even for tech giants like Apple and Google, losing that sum of money represents a major obstacle for the technology, and could result in them abandoning the cloud altogether. While some companies run for cover, and others step into the arena with the NSA, there is one company that is focused primarily on the growth of cloud computing.

Hello Amazon!

The online retailer has quietly become a dominant force in the world of cloud computing. Over the past two years, Amazon’s cloud has grown by 62%, making it the largest computing service on the Internet today. While most users are likely more familiar with Google Drive than Amazon Cloud Drive, they might be surprised to discover that Amazon has been the primary cloud service provider for businesses for quite some time now. And despite the potential for the NSA to destroy cloud computing, Amazon shows no signs of slowing down, and here’s why.

Fight for the Biggest Slice of the Corporate IT Pie

According to Christopher Mims, the science and technology correspondent for Quartz, Amazon and Google are in a cloud computing arms race for the biggest slice of IT pie. “All the warehouses of servers that run the whole of the internet, all the software used by companies the world over, and all the other IT services companies hire other to provide, or which they provide will be worth some $1.4 trillion in 2014, “exclaims Mims, “Not surprisingly, both companies have said at one point or another that this new revenue stream has the potential to be larger than all their current sources of income.”

In layman’s terms, the future of cloud computing goes far beyond its current capabilities. Advocates of cloud computing contend that in the future, software will run on remote computers controlled by internet giants such as Amazon and Google.

High Risk, High Reward

Despite the NSA jeopardizing the future of cloud computing, Amazon will continue to grow its cloud in an effort to win the Internet arms race. In order to reach that goal, these Silicon Valley tech giants will need to lower the potential risk of the operation. To do that, they need to get the NSA out of their clouds, which will result in greater profits that can be put towards the advancement of their cloud-based technology. Check out Reform Government Surveillance for more information on potential reforms.


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