Clouds used to be puffy white abstractions in the sky that served as the ground for gods, angels and the occasional demon (see Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel); then science came along. Clouds became a collection of water particles that drifted aimlessly in the sky and the wonder that used to be associated with the upper troposphere dissipated faster than rainfall during monsoon season (though some benefits of cloud activity do exist, like rain). 

Benefits of Cloud Computing

But, there are those who are injecting some wonder back into the cloud and, they just so happen to be in our industry. With the ascension of cloud computing there is a reason to get excited about the cloud once more thanks to the work of developers at Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple who are all looking to win the tech war that will revolutionize how businesses organize and conduct themselves for decades to come. Here are the benefits of cloud computing that you need to know to push your small business into the future.

Mobility and Agility

A new office environment has begun to take shape over the past few years as a result of improved mobile technology and remote technology that allows office workers around the world to work in even the most extreme locations so long as there is Internet access. And since work is no longer restricted to the office, businesses are beginning to take notice that they have greater flexibility. If a problem arises at another location, or if an employee cannot come to work as a result of some natural disaster, you can either dispatch your employee to that location or allow them to work from home. Cloud computing has reduced the importance of location (you do not need to be in the office to be productive) and has increased the importance of employee productivity (where does that employee work best). This also may be the most revolutionary of the benefits of cloud computing that we have listed.

Lower Operational Costs

While your employees are working from their homes and off-site locations it may be time to start thinking about downsizing your business (at least in terms of square footage). With a downsized office space your rent payments will likely go down and will allow you to either save that money or spend it elsewhere (say, on a more desirable location). I highly doubt that the modern office will be a space where each employee is assigned their own lonely cubicle. Instead, office buildings will become centers for collaboration (like bee-hives) where employees can mutually discuss their real world actions and how they can help solve any problems their business may be facing before they strike out once more.

Future Growth

Competition to win the cloud revolution is at an all-time high as the tech titans (Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft) all look to appeal to customers. Microsoft just rolled out unlimited storage on OneDrive for those users with Office 365 accounts and many experts within the industry expect most, if not all of the titans to follow suit (which is great for small businesses as the benefits of cloud computing will only continue to expand). This escalation of cloud computing features firmly cements cloud computing as the future of digital storage for small businesses across the country.

The benefits of cloud computing have ensured that titans will once again rule the skies overhead. Skies that are becoming a veritable and infinite source of information for businesses around the world. Clouds are the future (there is no denying that). And they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

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