We’ve put out a lot of blogs about IT news, some of the services we provide and ways to improve your small businesses cyber security just to name a few. But, what we haven’t covered much is what IT is. It’s a pretty large field filled with a plethora of subfields which means, at least for the average consumer, finding the right IT support can be as difficult as driving down the highway backwards with no mirrors (pretty hard). In this blog we’ll break down what IT support is, who needs it and how to get it.

What is IT Support?

In college, I had a bunch of friends that were IT majors (if you quantify two as being a bunch…) and just a few months ago I remember asking them what they wanted to do after they graduated. What I thought was a fairly simple question turned into a lengthy lecture on the ins-and-outs of the IT world, a world I swiftly found I knew nothing about. After a while we packed up our things and went our separate ways; they undoubtedly went to build some crazy techy thing and I went back to my room to watch HBO’s Silicon Valley and sulk over how little I knew about the tech world.

Thirty minutes later I was sifting through the Internet, researching what on Earth IT support was. The first definition that pops up on Google is from Wikipedia. It’s long-winded, overly-precise and pretty much useless when you want to find out what exactly IT support is. So, instead of a definition I thought it might be better to focus on the primary goal of IT support. Ajeet Khurana, a venture capitalist and blogger, may have put it best.

“The goal of having these (IT support) is to provide consumers with the solutions they need when they are having a problem with a (tech) product that they purchased,” said Mr. Khurana.

That means if you have any kind of technical problem with your computer, tablet, server or smartphone you can either call the 1-800 number attached to many of those products or you can get help elsewhere.

IT Support Services: Who needs it and how to get it

Let’s assume your computer just went haywire. You may have just lost all of your files, you may be in a state of panic and it’s possible you may not know who to call. This is a situation where you’re going to want to get IT support. And lucky for you there is a variety of ways to get it. You can call for IT support, you can take it to the store or explore some forums. There’s a bunch of options and the best part about TCI is that we can offer a majority of those options because we’re local. No matter where you are in Northern New Jersey, Southern Connecticut, Manhattan or Long Island you can call us, you can come to us or we can send one of our IT specialists to you so that we can resolve the problem efficiently and effectively.

If you have any further questions about IT support please don’t hesitate to call us at (516) 484-5151 or e-mail us at info@tcitechs.com.

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