Started by founder Steve Jobs, the yearly Apple launch event has become a subject of cultural curiosity where Americans aim to guess what to add to their technological wish lists. Prior to this year's event, rumors of new products flew across the Internet. And while the iPhone 6s rumors rang true, the details of the new smartphone were a mystery until now.

iPhone 6s Rumors That Came True

At the September 9 event, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled several forward-thinking new features of the iPhone 6s and iPhone6s plus, which will be available to the public on September 25. Now that the iPhone 6s rumors can be put to rest, let’s take a closer look at the latest and greatest Apple smartphone.

1) Display

The iPhone 6s has a brighter picture with Retina HD displays on all its screens. This is the same type of screen available on late-model Apple laptops and desktops.

Another one of the most-publicized new features of the iPhone 6s is a pressure sensitive trackpad, which Apple is calling “force touch.” The iPhone 6s’ track pad behaves much like the trackpad on a MacBook. With this new feature, one deep press can save time by replacing two or three normal taps.

iPhone 6 rumors

2) Camera

An upgraded camera is another one of the heavily rumored features that sets the iPhone 6s apart. Apple’s latest smartphone has a 12 mega-pixel camera instead of eight mega-pixels. This enhancement will create sharper phone pictures that are approaching the quality of small digital cameras.

Apple’s new feature “Live Photos” will have the ability to make your photos look like .gifs by incorporating movement and sound from just before and after the photo was taken.

In addition, the iPhone 6s now allows users to watch or produce eight million pixels of 4K video.

3) Casing

The iPhone 6s rumors were also true about an upgrade in casing after the controversy over bendable iPhones.

For Apple’s latest smartphone, a stronger case is constructed of the same aluminum material used in the aerospace industry. This 7000 series aluminum, which is the strongest alloy ever used in an iPhone, is the same material found in the Apple Watch Sport.

The Ion-X glass, which is newer and stronger than previous iPhone screens, is likely to be tougher to crack.

iPhone6 rumors

4) Operating System

The iPhone 6s’ operating system has been upgraded to iOS9. This operating system has several new features including transit mapping, a low power mode and Apple Pay support.

5) Processor

The new A9 processor, which has 64-bit architecture and an embedded M9 motion coprocessor, is 70 percent faster for CPU tasks and 90 percent fast for GPU tasks.

6) New color

This year, most of the iPhone 6s rumors were true right down to the color of the phone. Apple revealed their first pink or “rose gold” phone at their annual launch event.

The iPhone 6s is available for pre-order now. It retails for $650. Or, for $32 a month, the iPhone Upgrade Program which provides a new unlocked iPhone every single year on the carrier of your choice plus AppleCare+.

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