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A slow, unorganized computer is undoubtedly one of the most frustrating things to deal with in both your personal or professional life. We understand that, so we’d like to share with you some top tips for optimizing your machine, straight from a computer service expert.

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Speed Tips

Improve Startup Speed

Many programs are automatically set to begin running when you boot up your computer, even if you don’t use them frequently. This could significantly slow down your startup speed. Indiana University has some easy-to-follow guides on shutting them off for each operating system.

Keep your Software Updated

There are tons of security risks when it comes to running outdated software. If that doesn’t convince you, remember that it can also make your machine move slowly. New versions of software usually run faster than previous ones, and updating is one of the easiest computer service practices ever.

computer service update software

Reinstall your Operating System

This tip tends to intimidate people because they think that uninstalling their operating system will delete all of their files. And they’re not wrong. Some files may be  deleted, others may be backed up automatically. However, you should manually back up any important files, just in case.

Reinstalling your operating system is particularly effective in combating errors like corrupted files and bloatware, which refers to the extra, unneeded programs and apps that build up on your machine after a few years of usage.

Optimize your Web Browser

Sometimes, it’s not your computer that’s slow, it’s just your web browser. Between unused extensions and cluttered cache and cookies, our web browsers take a beating after a while. Treat yours kindly.

computer service web browser

Buy more RAM

There’s a strong possibility that there’s no real issue with your computer. It may just be running out of RAM, which is sort of like the oxygen it needs to breathe and run smoothly. It’s relatively inexpensive, plus it’s easy to install.

Organization Tips

Create a Folder Structure

Think about ways you can organize the documents on your computer. Maybe by client, by document type (invoice, sales proposal) or by date. It’s one of the most tedious computer services you can perform, but set aside the time necessary to set up a folder structure, then drag and drop documents into their appropriate folders. You’ll be glad you did.

Get your Desktop in Order

Before organizing your desktop icons, delete anything you don’t use at least once a week from your desktop. Then, group them together based on function. For example, put all Microsoft Office applications in the top left corner.

computer service organization

Organize New Files as they Arrive

This one depends on you having a bit of willpower. Anytime you save a new file, save it in the proper location. Don’t make a promise that you’ll go back and do it later. Nine times out of ten, you won’t, or you’ll just forget.

Despite your best efforts, your computer may eventually become outdated beyond repair. Don’t cling desperately to old machines. When it’s time to upgrade, do it.

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