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Most laptops have relatively long battery life at first. However, after a few years of usage, the battery typically begins to die more quickly. In this blog, we’ll detail a few simple ways to help extend laptop battery life.

5 Easy Ways to Extend Laptop Battery Life

1. Dim the Screen

Screen brightness is often one of the biggest power drains on laptops. Older laptops have fluorescent backlights, which deplete battery rapidly. Even newer laptops screens, which usually have LED backlights, can use a fair amount of battery.

Adjust the brightness of your laptop accordingly during use—don’t just leave it at the highest setting.

2. Battery Performance Power Slider (Windows 10 Users)

Windows 10 has a feature called the “performance power slider” that gives you a bit more control over your battery settings.

There are four slider modes:

  • Battery Saver, which helps to conserve power and prolong battery life while the laptop is not connected to a power source. It disables some Windows features and lowers screen brightness.
  • Better Battery, which helps to conserve battery but not to the extent that Battery Saver
  • Better Performance, which slightly favors performance and responsiveness over battery life.
  • Best Battery, which heavily favors performance over power and is recommended for maximum responsiveness.

The performance power slider can be adjusted to your liking. You can find it by going to the Settings app under SystemàPower & SleepàAdditional power settings.

3. Close Unused Apps

The more apps running on your laptop, the quicker your battery will be depleted.

Get into the habit of closing out of apps that you’re not using rather than leaving all of them open for eternity.

4. Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Any time you’re not actively using them, be sure to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If they’re enabled, they’ll constantly try to connect, which can result in your battery draining rapidly.

5. Use Microsoft Edge

Several studies have indicated that Microsoft’s replacement for Internet Explorer, called Edge, is the most efficient browser to extend laptop battery life. Devices running Edge typically last several hours longer than devices running other leading browsers, like Firefox and Chrome.

These tips won’t extend battery life forever, but they’ll certainly get you a few extra hours of usage.

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