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As working from home becomes permanent for many, it is important to enhance your home network security. This may not have been a priority while your home computers were not being used for your job, however it has become a crucial part of working from home. We will go into how to make sure both you and your employees’ home networks are secured.

Why is it Important to Have Home Network Security?

As more work is being done from home, along with home education, the use of computers and other devices has gone up drastically. This means more opportunities for sensitive information such as credit cards and home addresses to be accessed by a hacker through a vulnerable Wi-Fi network.

Especially when running a business from home, it is imperative to strengthen your home network security. Otherwise, your entire company is at risk of a data breach that could cause the loss of many important files.

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How to Strengthen Home Networks

When it comes down to securing your home network, there are many different steps to take.

Change Your Network’s Name

Called a service set identifier, or SSID, your network name is one of the simplest ways for someone to hack into your Wi-Fi. If your network’s name has a personal identification such as your business name, home number, or initials, you may consider changing it to avoid recognition.

Make a New Password

Although this is self-explanatory, it is more accessible to hackers than you may think. Upon setup, routers have default passwords that are easily figured out based on the manufacturer. A strong password for your network is 20 characters long, and a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Keep Up-to-Date on Updates

Older versions of software have vulnerabilities that new updates have fixed. Making sure that your device is running the newest version of software will eliminate the possibility of a hacker breaking into your home network because of an outdated system.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

VPNs supply an extra layer of security by hiding your IP address. Especially for those who have checked off all the other boxes such as changing the name of your network or updating your software, VPNs are a good step to take to further enhance your home network security.

Enable Your Firewall

Most routers have firewalls installed, but are turned off upon use. Going into the settings of your wireless router and turning on your firewall is a quick and easy way to boost the security of your network.

All of these are simple steps that can be easily passed on to employees working from home.

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Safely Work from Home

It’s very important to secure your home network as many businesses transition to remote work. For all of your IT needs as your business changes, contact TCI Technologies today. Visit our website here!

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