cloud backup, how to, data backup How to Backup Your Computer: A Beginner’s Guide

It seems like the number one piece of advice when your computer is on its way out is to backup your data. You may still be asking: how do I backup my computer? You’re in luck! Read on to receive some simple tips on backing up your computer data.

The Answer for How to Backup Your Computer

The answer is, there’s no simple answer. However, there are lots of different options when it comes to backing up your data. Microsoft lists a few ways on how to backup your computer. If you are running Windows, the site lists the steps within the settings of the machine and the level of backup needed.

There is also the option for a system image, which is the entirety of your computer at that specific time. Whatever was captured on that day will be saved under the backup, hence the term image. PC Mag talks about File History, another Windows-specific feature that covers individual versions of files.

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So, What About the Cloud?

Regardless of the other services created, the cloud remains as a reliable source to fall back on for data storage. The cloud is also ideal for those not running Windows operating systems, or those who don’t want to use a removable hard drive to save their data.

So now: how do I backup my computer using the cloud? Great question – there are many options! Depending on the amount of storage you’re in need of, you can choose a free or paid service. These kinds of sites are internet-based, and include Dropbox and Google Drive.

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The Rundown on Computer Backup

Whether you choose to backup your computer via a removable drive, onto your own computer, or with the cloud services, you will be ensuring the safe storage of your data.

When it comes down to how to backup your computer, consider TCI Technologies for all of your tech needs! We offer various types of IT services as well as recovery when you lose your data. Visit our website today!

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