cloud backup, Microsoft Office 365 Why Microsoft Office 365 Backup is Absolutely Critical

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most powerful, productive applications for most businesses. With Outlook, Word, Excel and more, it has just about every program a business could possibly need. However, as amazing as it is, it’s still absolutely critical to conduct Microsoft Office 365 backup regularly.

Doesn’t Microsoft Office 365 Backup Automatically?

Before we get started on the reasons why, let us clear up the common misconception that Office 365 sufficiently backs up your data. It doesn’t.

It’s a secure platform, but Office 365 does not back itself up in a way that provides true security and business continuity.

4 Reasons Microsoft Office 365 is Necessary

1. Recover Deleted Files

Accidentally deleting an important file or email is frustrating at best, and downright disastrous at worst.

However, backing up Microsoft Office 365 to the cloud or to an onsite server (or, ideally, both!) makes it easy to recover any lost files without issue.

2. External Security Threats

Many types of cyberattacks can basically leave your files completely useless. Ransomware holds them hostage and demands a steep payment for their safe return, while many viruses and malware attacks can simply corrupt files so you cannot access them.

Rather than fighting with hackers in an effort to get them back, having a few backup versions can ensure that you maintain business continuity in case you fall victim to an attack.

3. Internal Security Threats

It’s no unheard of for a disgraced employee to have a meltdown and do something destructive before they leave the company, like delete tons of critical company data. Having backups prevents against this sort of internal security threat.

4. Industry Regulations

Certain industries, particularly finance, health care and legal, are subject to heavy cyber security regulations. An important part of many of these regulations is that organizations must be able to recover sensitive data in the event that it’s lost.

In other words, for many companies, Microsoft Office 365 backup capability is the law.

5. Short Retention Time

The time for which Microsoft Office 365 can secure backup files depends on the policies applied to those files. With additional backup, you can save backups for as long as necessary.

While Microsoft Office 365 has good reason for being so popular among businesses today, it’s crucial to secure it by adding an extra layer of data backup.

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