Business, Microsoft Office 365 Is Microsoft Office 365 Worth it for Businesses?

It’s virtually impossible for companies to do business without word processors and spreadsheets. Microsoft Office 365 is the most popular of all, but some business owners are turned off by its price. In our opinion, most of the time, it’s worth it. Let’s break down some of the key features of Microsoft Office 365.

5 Key Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

1. Mix and Match Plans

Microsoft Office 365 is available in a variety of different plans, allowing you to meet the needs of your organization without overpaying.

Each offers different features and limitations. Plans can be mixed and matched.

2. Cloud-Based

Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of programs, meaning it doesn’t require you to install bulky new hardware to gain access. It can also be deployed to every device on your network, as well as remotely on your employees’ personal devices.

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3. Cyber Security Potential

No technology solution is worth it unless it’s demonstrably secure against common cyberattacks like ransomware.

The exact security features will differ depending on the package you choose, but some of the most common (and effective) are:

  • Multi-factor authentication. This requires an extra step for users to log into the network, so if a hacker obtains access to a password, they still cannot gain access to other data.
  • Mobile device management. When employees access company data with their smartphones, tablets and laptops, mobile device management allows you to set specific levels of permission for each user.
  • Encrypted email. Encryption software scrambles the contents of outgoing emails, so only the intended recipient can read them.
  • Data loss prevention. You can set data loss prevention policies to automatically identify, monitor and protect sensitive information across applications like Word, OneDrive and more.
  • Behavior and threat monitoring. Microsoft monitors the datacenters from which Office 365 is deployed 24 hours a day, so they respond to any suspicious network traffic

4. Seamless Collaboration

Much like Google Docs, multiple members of your team can edit Microsoft Office files at the same time, and the edits can be viewed in real-time. This makes collaboration seamless, increasing productivity dramatically.

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5. Free Updates

Whenever a new version of Office is released, Office 365 subscribers gain access at no additional charge. This allows you and your team to use the latest features without having to uninstall and reinstall a new program every time.

In some cases, Microsoft Office 2019 may be the better choice, but the differences aren’t too major. One of the many versions of Microsoft Office 365 will likely work for most businesses.

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