email, security How to Block Spam Emails From Creeping Into Your Inbox

how to block spam emails

You can easily learn how to block spam emails at in Outlook and Gmail. The different types of spam emails include unwanted marketing, phishing schemes that masquerade as friendly emails, and identity theft operations that request your user name, password and credit card information. Here are some helpful tips for how to block and report spam.

How to Block Spam Emails


Desktop: Open Gmail and select the message you want to report. In the toolbar above your emails, click the spam button. It's marked with a black octagon and an exclamation point in white.

Mobile: Open the Gmail message. Open the email you want to report. Click on the white menu with the red background. The symbol for this is three vertical dots. Touch "Report Spam."


Desktop: In Outlook, click the arrow next to "Junk." Select "Junk" for regular email that you don't want to read. Click "Phishing scam" or "My friend's been hacked" if you suspect either of these concerns has developed.

Mobile: You cannot block senders with the Outlook mobile app. Log in to the web mail and block the access.

how to block spam emails

Take Other Precautions

Report Spam, Don't Unsubscribe

When you unsubscribe from a spam mail, it can lead to more spam. It lets the sender know you exist and are using the email account. Unsubscribe only from senders who appear to be legitimate.


Make Sure You Haven't Been Hacked

As you learn how to block spam emails, ask friends and family members if they are getting unwanted email from you. If yes, your account may have been hacked. Contact the company in charge of your email and put a stop to it. You may want to review the steps for protecting your password to make sure your account is secure.

Other tips include making your user name different from your email address, not disclosing your email address on social media, not responding to spam and opening emails only from sources that you know or trust. Never open attachments from a sender you do not know or who sounds or looks suspicious.

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