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Although some workplaces are heading back to the office, there are still many people working remotely for the time being. And when you’re working from home, the strength of your Wi-Fi is paramount. After all, you need to stay connected when you’re on the clock! So, if you’re looking for information about how to strengthen your Wi-Fi signal for remote working or otherwise, we have a few tips.

How to Strengthen a Wi-Fi Signal to Improve Connectivity

The Location

Some people don’t know this, but the location of your Wi-Fi router is crucial. While you might be eager to hide it away or put it in a corner of your home, it’s best to place it centrally so the signal reaches every square inch of your space.

Keep in mind that routers also perform better in open spaces, rather than near walls or obstructions. So, when it comes to how to strengthen your Wi-Fi signal, keep in mind that not all spaces are created equally!


No matter how centrally-located your router is, sometimes the location is just not enough. For these situations, you should use an extender. It takes your existing signal and rebroadcasts it as a new network, accessible to other previously unreachable parts of your home.

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Just like any other device, constant updates are essential for preserving the strength of your Wi-Fi router. Manufacturers consistently roll out these updates in order to speed up their products.

So, for how to strengthen your Wi-Fi signal, you always need to check for firmware updates. That’s true even if your signal isn’t slow or weak!


How to strengthen your Wi-Fi also has a lot to do with encryption. In this day and age when pretty much anyone can leech off an open Wi-Fi network, encrypted, password-protected networks are a must.

By securing your network, you will ensure no one else has unpermitted access, which will only enhance its strength and speed!

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5 GHz

As for how to strengthen your Wi-Fi signal the most, you should try switching to 5 GHz. This frequency is faster and way less busy than typical 2.4 GHz. Just make sure your router supports it before you make the jump!

When it comes to how to strengthen your Wi-Fi signal, always start out by trying some of these few quick tips!

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