Our world was decidedly simpler when there was no omnipresent threat of cyber-terror or cyber-vandalism. Today's computer world is not the happy go-lucky world of developers dedicated to opening up new streams of communication. No, the digital world over the past few years has gone a bit rogue. 

People are allowed to manifest the best parts of themselves online (see Humans of New York) and the worst (see the recent Sony hack) which means any information you have on the internet (including your business's information) could be at risk if you don't take the proper safety precautions. Safety precautions that a Long Island computer consultant can help you establish.

What is a Long Island Computer Consultant?

Essentially, we're your businesses first defense against cyber vandals and criminals. We're the watchers and the protectors of the digital free world (at least for small businesses). But, that's who we are and not exactly what we do. Some descriptions of us can get a little confusing thanks to a smorgasbord of tech-jargon but, simply put a Long Island computer consultant is there to make sure that all of your hardware and digital assets are performing at the highest level. Here's how we can do that.

1. They Can Get To You in a Moments Notice

Faster than a speeding bullet? We like to think so. Here at TCI we have the ability to help you through your tech-related issues remotely (which you might expect if you were to outsource your IT needs to another country). Yet, there are times where you will need more than just remote help (say if you are experiencing a hardware problem). The foreign IT center won't be able to help you there, but your local Long Island computer consultant can be there at a moments notice; ensuring your business is always operating on all cylinders.

2. They're More Affordable (and More Protective)

As a small business, you're likely reliant on your computers for everything from communication to data storage which means you will need some form of IT support. Even the Justice League (a band of invincible superheroes) relies upon technology (although there IT support comes from Batman). If you don't have a Batman, there are two options when it comes to choosing your IT provider. Some businesses will opt to acquire services from multiple providers (which can get expensive) or they will opt for a single provider. By selecting a single Long Island computer consultant you will not only have access to the same amount of services (or more), you will also be saving quite a bit of money. We'll also be able to respond much faster to the real time threats that your business could face; and we'll thwart those cyber criminals at every turn which should allow you to rest easy at night.

Hiring a local Long Island computer consultant will help you establish the security you need to operate a small business in today's villainous digital world. If you have any further questions please feel free to give us a call at 516-484-5151. We look forward to hearing from you!

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