Tech Gadgets 6 Travel Gadgets You Need for your Upcoming Business Trip


Businesspeople often hate traveling for work. It’s a lot like traveling for pleasure, except all those flight delays and cancellations don’t result in leisure time spent in a scenic European city or seaside resort. To make your next business trip a little less infuriating, check out this list of our favorite travel gadgets.

Travel Gadgets You’ve Got to Bring on your Next Trip

1.      8000mAh Wood Power Bank from Carved


A dying phone is stressful for so many reasons, especially when you’re on a business trip. Nobody wants to miss important calls from clients and colleagues while lost in an unfamiliar city.

That’s where the 8000mAh Wood Power Bank comes in handy. It can charge most smartphones from zero percent battery to 100, with some charge left over. Plus, it comes with a classy wood finish and a burlap carrying bag, making it much more professional than other portable chargers, which look like plastic bricks.


2.      Solo Privacy Screen Slim Case for iPad


It doesn’t matter if you’re sending work emails that contain sensitive information or catching up on Game of Thrones on your iPad—it’s downright annoying when the passenger next to you looks at what you’re doing.

Solo’s Privacy Screen Slim Case keeps your onscreen activities hidden from nosy neighbors while keeping your device protected from damage.

3.      Google Translate


Not all trusty travel gadgets are hardware. Google describes their Translate app as a “personal interpreter in your pocket,” and that’s not an exaggeration. It’s an absolute must-have for any businessperson who travels overseas.

Google Translate recognizes and translates over 100 languages into your native tongue. You can translate by typing, speaking into your phone and even taking pictures of foreign letters, which the app will identify and decode for you. The app also allows you to pre-download language packs that contain frequently used translations (like “where is the nearest restaurant?”) that can be used without Internet access to save data.

4.      PROINTxp® Digital Luggage Scale


Overweight luggage fees can put a damper on your trip before it even begins. If your suitcase is a bit large, it may not fit on your average household scale. This digital luggage scale is reasonably priced, and makes sure there’s no surprises once you’re at the airport.

5.      Logitech C920 HD Webcam


While you’re on a business trip, you may need to tune into a video conference with your company headquarters back home. The Logitech C920 is a graciously priced HD webcam that folds for easy storage, making it ideal for travel.

6.      LugLoc


If your luggage has never been misplaced at the airport before, consider yourself lucky. If you have been the victim of lost luggage, LugLoc is the gadget for you.

LugLoc allows you to track your bags from your smartphone. All you do is place a small, GPS-enabled device in your suitcase and connect it to a phone app. This way, if your luggage is misplaced, you can see where it is and retrieve it.

With these awesome travel gadgets, you no longer have to dread business trips!

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