TCI Tips, IT support How Ancient Software Affects Your Bottom Line -- Upgrade Windows XP

Upgrading all of the hardware in your workplace can be a bit scary. The common fears are a hefty, upfront cost, potentially losing data, and that any combination of the two could result in a loss of revenue for your company. For some Windows XP users, the thought of having to attempt such an overhaul may seem unappealing, but the long term benefits when you upgrade Windows XP to either Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8 Pro will be a financial coup for your business.

Time is Money

Skilled workers are expected to get the job done even when they lack the basic tools they need to succeed (there’s a saying that, “A poor craftsman blames his tools”). This may be true to a degree, but there are limitations. Take lumberjacks for example; if you gave the most average lumberjack a chainsaw and you gave the greatest lumberjack who has lived a hatchet, then the average lumberjack will likely make cleaner cuts and be able to cut down more trees than his more skilled counterpart (unless that lumberjack happens to be Paul Bunyan). Since the best lumberjack in the world can’t chop down an enormous tree with just one swing of his mighty axe, we can say, fairly certainly, that the average lumberjack will be more profitable. He chopped down more trees in less time, and can therefore sell more trees. The same concept applies to your employees. By giving them a hatchet (Windows XP) to get their work done instead of a chainsaw, they will not be able to be as productive as they should be. Lower productivity results in lower capital gains. Upgrading to Windows 7 Professional or Windows 8 Pro allows users to work more quickly and efficiently than those working on XP machines due to the increased power and performance of the newer operating systems.

A Transition from the Old to the New

We all know the security risks that exist if you don't Upgrade Windows XP to a newer OS, and that its slower speeds could be costing your business a fortune, yet many businesses are still hesitant to move from XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8 because they are afraid of losing the information stored on their old computers. Most companies do realize that they will need to upgrade eventually in order to stay competitive, but they need a way to minimize the risk associated with a hardware overhaul. The safest and most effective way to upgrade your business is by engaging a vendor who specializes in moving companies from one OS to the next, such as TCI Technologies. Our expertise will ensure the safety of your information and allow you to focus on your business rather than worrying about the upgrade process. If you’re ready to upgrade Windows XP and set your company up for success, give TCI Techs a call at (516) 484-5151.

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