Awesome new technology 5 of the Coolest Wearable Technology Items in 2018

Every year, wearable technology just gets cooler and cooler. In this blog, we’ve detailed some of our favorite new wearables—specifically the ones that can be used for business.

5 Awesome Wearable Technology Items

1. Waverly Labs Translation Earbuds

Much like the Google Pixel earbuds, Waverly Labs Translation earbuds translate spoken words in real time. Simply select the language another person is speaking on a convenient smartphone app while wearing the earbuds, and you can hear it in English.

The coolest thing about these earbuds is that they’re wireless. You can put one in, and your conversation partner can put in the other to erase the language barrier.

They’re available here.

2. Kronaby Smartwatch

Although the Apple Watch is useful, it’s not the sleekest timepiece you can wear into an important meeting with a prospective client. Kronaby watches, however, are super stylish.

A Kronaby watch gently vibrates on your wrist to alert you to smartphone notifications. It can also control music, find your phone if you misplaced it, track your activity and much, much more—all regulated on smartphone app.

Check out the Kronaby collection here.

3. Vuzix Blade Smartglasses

So many smartglasses look incredibly ugly or are huge distractions on your face. The Vuzix Blade Smartglasses are the exception. They look like a regular pair of glasses.

The lenses display a version of Android software that can sync with your phone, enabling you to use it without actually having to use your hands. The glasses also integrate with Alexa, allowing you to make hands-free commands.

The Vuzix Blade Smartglasses can be purchased here.

4. Oculus Go

The Oculus Go is a virtual reality (VR) headset that provides a simple solution for training, demos and virtual meetings. It’s excellent for companies looking to bring VR into the workplace.

You can also subscrive to Oculus for Business package that’s designed for companies interested in deploying large numbers of headsets for their employees. It also comes with dedicated service, a warranty and licensing terms.

Learn more about Oculus for Business here.

5. QuietOn Headphones

QuietOn, a Finland-based tech company, has pioneered the idea of “active noise canceling” headphones. They use a microphone that samples sounds from the environment, and a speaker that creates a phase-shifted sound to cancel the original sound. The result is pure quiet.

The headphones feature a compact design, so they’re perfect for airplane carry-ons. You can also use them to avoid distracting ambient noise at work to become more productive.

The headphones are available here.

Is there any other wearable technology you’re excited about or have used before?

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