internet browser, The Internet, web browsers What is Considered to be the Best Web Browser for Business?

With so many options available, it can be tough to choose the best web browser for your business. The only way to decide is to examine the features and functions of each. Let’s begin.

Nominees for Best Web Browser

We’re going to limit this blog to discussing these high-rated browsers:

Internet Explorer is basically dead, and since we typically work with Microsoft products, we’re excluding Safari.

5 Things to Look for in a Browser

1. Security

First and foremost, a solid browser should be secure. The good news is that nowadays, as long as you’re careful with the websites you use and the files you download, most browsers should do the trick.

However, keep in mind that a recent study concluded that Microsoft Edge is a bit more secure than Firefox and Chrome, blocking 91.4 percent of phishing URLs and 99 percent of malware. This fact makes it the safest choice in our opinion

Winner: Microsoft Edge

best web browser security compress.jpg

2. Privacy

Let’s be sure not to conflate security and privacy. Security refers to a browser’s ability to keep hackers and cyberattacks away. Privacy refers to protecting your browsing data from government entities and advertising companies.

Firefox makes privacy a primary concern. With a few simple tweaks, as explained here by PC World, you can protect virtually all of your browsing data from prying eyes.

Winner: Mozilla Firefox

3. Apps and Extensions

In order to enhance your internet experience, most browsers offer a wide range of apps and extensions you can add on. Some examples are ad-blockers, LastPass Password Manager and Add to Amazon Wish List.

Each app and extension you use most likely has a counterpart that’s compatible on a different browser. However, Google Chrome is generally considered to have the most versatile selection.

Winner: Google Chrome

4. Speed

Needless to say, a slow browser can cause a ton of frustration. We expect to be able to access information instantly, and the best web browser should allow you to do so.

In terms of pure speed, Opera takes the cake. Even if you have a poor internet connection, you’ll be happy to know that Opera has a turbo mode that makes browsing faster whether you’re on a mobile device or desktop.

Winner: Opera

best web browser speed compress.jpg

5. Mobile Compatibility

While you can sync your data between your desktop and mobile device with each browser (as How-To Geek explains here), some simply perform better on a smartphone than others.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are undoubtedly the best. They offer the same, user-friendly experience on mobile that they do on desktop.

Winners: Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Clearly, different browsers excel in different categories. Choosing the best web browser ultimately comes down to personal preference, whether you favor speed, mobile-friendliness or security. As long as you follow internet browsing best practices and keep your computer clutter-free, you can’t go wrong with any of the browsers on this list.

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