password protection, social media, cyber security, Cyber Attacks Cyber Security for Social Media: How to Protect Your Account

Since social media accounts hold so much private information, it makes sense that you would want to protect yours from hackers. That’s especially true when you consider the volume of social media cyber attacks that have swept the web recently. So, if you operate accounts and are looking for an extra level of protection, check out these cyber security for social media tips.

Top Cyber Security for Social Media Tips

Use Strong, Unique Passwords

The cyber security for social media trick that everyone should utilize is strong password creation. If your passwords are strong, then they’re harder to guess, which means hackers will have trouble breaching your login.

Not only that, but also make sure to use unique passwords for each of your social media accounts. For instance, if you are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, use different passwords. If you don’t and someone obtains your password, they will then have access to all your accounts.

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Mind your Messages

A lot of the time, social media cyber attacks will come in though your direct messages. With that in mind, always be wary of who you message with and open links from. Use common phishing and spam spotting tips to weed out these bad actors.

Most of the time, if a message comes from someone you don’t know and looks like spam, it probably is, so watch out!

Utilize Two-Factor Authentication

When it comes to proper cyber security for social media, two-factor authentication is never a bad idea. If enabled, two-factor authentication will send you a verification code when someone logs into your account from a new device, location or browser.

Some people may think it’s an unnecessary, time-consuming step, but it’s absolutely essential for guaranteeing the protection of your social media accounts.

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Limit Personal Information

People and businesses post all kinds of things on social media. However, generally, it’s a good idea to limit the amount of personal information you share with your followers. Sometimes, hackers can use what you’ve shared to glean answers to security questions like your first pet or mother’s maiden name. When they have these answers, they can enjoy seamless access to your accounts.

Cyber security for social media is an important way to protect your personal information from malicious hackers! For all other kinds of cyber attacks, we’re here to help.

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