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Internet outages. Cyberattacks. Outdated software and hardware. All of these things, while easily avoidable, can disrupt or even completely halt business operations. If you’re in search of an IT company on Long Island to prevent these sorts of things, ask each candidate these questions before hiring them.

Note: we’re not going to include obvious questions, such as “How much do your services cost?” “What is the duration of the contract?” etc. This blog will only include important questions that you may not think of.

What to Ask an IT Company on Long Island

1. How do you handle support requests?

Some IT companies actually outsource the support they offer. You submit a request for support, then they route you to another company. Obviously, this can seriously extend the amount of time it takes for a request to be fulfilled.

The best IT companies on Long Island have in-house staff who can offer either remote or onsite support. You’ll get to know your support technicians and build trusting relationships with them over time.

2. Can you give an example of how you helped a client recover from a cyberattack?

Regardless of your company’s size or industry, it’s a potential target for cybercriminals. And even if your IT company provides comprehensive, preventive cyber security services, your network is not invincible, especially if your employees don’t know how to recognize common cyberattacks.

Ask them if they can provide an example of how they helped a client recover from a cyberattack, and pay attention to the way they describe it. Good IT companies will have a documented, step-by-step process for containing and eliminating network threats promptly.

3. Does your company have any certifications/partnerships?

Companies that maintain up-to-date certifications in hardware and software generally deliver the highest quality of support and are able to offer well-educated advice regarding your company’s IT operations.

Partnerships are also particularly handy. If your IT company has a considerable network of vendor partnerships, they might be able to get you better prices on useful products and services, like Windows 10.

4. Do you provide mobile device management?

If your employees work remotely or often access company data from their own devices, mobile device management (MDM) is an absolute must. This practice allows your IT company to control, secure and enforce cyber security policies on any device that accesses company data.

Any solid IT company on Long Island should provide MDM services.

5. What are their data backup practices like?

Data backup management is one of the most critical functions of any IT provider. Proper data backup is not only important in case of a disaster, it’s legally required for some businesses.

Any candidate who’s seeking to become your IT company should be able to provide a clear, thorough explanation of how they will create and protect backup copies of all of your company’s data.

As you search for the perfect IT company on Long Island, make sure you vet them extensively to ensure they’re the right fit for your business.

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