cyber threats, Cybersecurity Key Cybersecurity Trends to Look Out for in the Near Future

If you own a computer, it’s likely you have some basic knowledge on cybersecurity. However, as threats become more sophisticated and damaging, it is important to stay educated on new and improved cybersecurity trends and systems to protect your machine. Read on for news on cybersecurity and what to keep an eye out for.

Important Cybersecurity Trends on the Horizon

Some cybersecurity trends are simply updated versions of preexisting issues or solutions, while others are brand new and do not have an established fix or reputation yet. We compiled a list of the most important trends to take note of this year.

Cloud Storage

There has been a major uptick in cloud storage infiltration, and this can come as a huge blow to businesses storing sensitive information, such as addresses, credit card information, and other personal data. While these are not new cybersecurity trends, there is increased activity.

Sandbox-Resistant Malware

Antivirus programs for your computer can find malware through a technology called sandboxing, however new and improved malware is upgraded to maneuver around this technology and cover up threats long enough to infect your software.

Two or more step authentication

Two-step authentication requires verification of a login to be sent to another device. For example, you may attempt to login to your email on your computer, and receive a code on your phone that has to be entered on the computer in order to login successfully. There can also be additional steps added to require multiple verifications.


For understaffed companies requiring the use of many different websites and applications, an automated system stands in for the missing workforce.

demonstrating how to do two step authentication

How to Protect Your Company from New Threats

Keeping up to date on new antivirus systems as well as updating your current programs is the best defense against both old and new threats. It is also important to keep an eye on things that seem out of place. As always, do not open unknown attachments or download unsafe files from the internet.

Educating employees is an important step you may implement into your regular business day. Especially with the shift to working from home, your company’ data is at a constant risk of being infiltrated. Teaching your employees the proper steps to take to protect their data will help keep you ahead of new cybersecurity trends.

a padlock, shield, and magnifying glass to identify problems and solutions for a computer system

The Latest Trends

Even as this blog is written, new threats are being created. It is important to stay updated on the newest threats and availabilities to protect both your personal and business data.

You may feel more secure by investing your computer’s safety in a cybersecurity firm. TCI Technologies are professionals at cybersecurity. We perform an assessment on your existing software to identify what needs the most protection. This allows us to offer you the most comprehensive level of cybersecurity we can.

Trust TCI Technologies to provide the highest, most effective level of defense as cybersecurity trends change. Contact us today to get started!

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