Cloud IT, cloud backup, Office 365 5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Switch to Office 365 Cloud Backup

In recent years “the cloud” has become a tech buzzword you hear on almost every commercial about emerging technologies and it can refer to a wide array of services. Office 365 cloud backups are possibly one of the most game-changing aspects of cloud computing. Your business can purchase services that seamlessly backup your Microsoft Office 365 data on the cloud and rather than having your archives dependent on a single computer or server, the cloud is a vast network of server centers located around the globe. Even if a single facility goes down, another is in place to backup your data.

Reasons to Switch to Office 365 Cloud Backup

1.      Fast Recovery

Compared to older backup solutions, the cloud offers speedy recovery during the crucial moments when data is lost. No more worrying and no more waiting. Recovering your data is as fast as your internet bandwidth with one-click restore.

2.      No New Infrastructure

With Office 365 cloud backups you do not need to purchase any new expensive hardware or equipment for your network. Recovery is as easy as a download.

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3.      Unlimited Backup

Most backup services only provide a single snapshot of your data each day. Office 365 cloud backup can take up to six snapshots daily with no data caps and unlimited retention of your data.

4.      More Than Just Exchange

Office 365 cloud backups make it easy to restore emails, public folders, contacts, and mailboxes but it also backs up SharePoint Online sites and OneDrive for Business accounts.

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5.      Protection

Protect your business from human, software, or hardware errors. Never lose another important email or folder associated with your Office 365 account. Avoid the potential dangers of everyday business with peace of mind, knowing all of your Office 365 data is backed up on the cloud.

If you are interested in learning more about Office 365 Cloud Backups, the IT team at TCI Technologies can assist your business in learning more. Contact us today.

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