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Recently, we wrote a blog defining ransomware and detailing the threat it poses to the cybersecurity of businesses. After learning about it, most people seek out ransomware prevention methods to avoid falling victim to the dreaded form of malware. With these simple tips, you can foil cybercriminals’ plans to hold your data hostage.

Ransomware Prevention Procedures for Businesses

Offsite File Backup

The reason ransomware is such a scary form of malware is because there’s no guarantee that a victim will be able to recover their files once infected. For this reason, one of the best ways to combat ransomware is with offsite data backup.

With an offsite backup solution, you can take comfort in knowing that your information is protected on reliable servers. Mozy, for example, gives clients continuous data backup on a secure cloud server. When data is backed up, it’s easier for businesses to return to their pre-infection state after an attack.

Employee Education

One of the easiest ways for a cybercriminal to infiltrate a computer with ransomware is by enticing people to open infected email attachments or click virus-laced links. If every employee in a business is familiar with how to identify spoof emails and links, as well as recognize and report cyberattacks, the business becomes significantly safer..

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Keep Software Up-to-Date

Outdated software can be the Achilles’ heel of an otherwise sound cybersecurity system. Even if your employees are properly trained, cyberattacks can still occur if software isn’t able to defend against them. Regularly check firewalls, email spam filters, antiviruses and operating systems to ensure that everything is current.

Configure Windows to Show File Extensions

A Reddit user has compiled a list of file extensions that are often spiked with ransomware. To avoid accidentally downloading one of these clearly infected files, configure Windows to show file extensions and hidden files. It’s an easy ransomware prevention method, and WinZip has a guide on how to do so for all versions of Windows. Once Show File Extensions is enabled, you can dodge sketchy attachments more easily.

Block Popups

Popups can serve as gateways for ransomware. Everyone has accidentally clicked a popup before, and will likely do so again unless they’re blocked. There are tons of free blockers available that can restrict popups, which are not only annoying, but potentially dangerous.

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Disable ActiveX and Macros in Microsoft Office

A lot of malicious Microsoft Office documents rely on ActiveX and macros to gain access to a computer. They can also be used by hackers to silently install ransomware in the future. Disabling both ActiveX and macros can prevent an attack even after an infected document is opened.

At the moment, ransomware is tough to remove. That’s why ransomware prevention is extremely important. By thwarting attacks instead of responding to them after infection, you can gain peace of mind and save quite a bit of time and money, too.

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