cloud computing, technology trends, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence Innovative Tech Trends that We Expect to See in 2021

With a tumultuous 2020 drawing to a close, many people are starting to look forward into 2021, especially when it comes to tech. People are speculating about what new innovations we may see considering everything that’s happened over the last year. With that in mind, check out some of these tech trends that our IT experts predict could make a big impact in the near future.

The Top Tech Trends to Look Out for in 2021

The Cloud

Since COVID-19 has pushed so many businesses to go remote, cloud computing is having a bit of a moment. This technology allows users to access data over the internet rather than through a PC’s hard drive.

Since it’s much easier for employees to access their desktops this way, the technology is improving by the day. And with the virus showing no symptoms of slowing down anytime soon, you can be sure that more is to come from cloud computing when it comes to remote workplaces.

Cloud services

Remote Cybersecurity

With the number of remote workers increasing in the last year, the landscape available for cyber threats and attacks has expanded exponentially. In order to curb this growing threat to at-home workforces, companies and IT firms have been scrambling to come up with a solution.

Therefore, in the next year, expect to see major innovations in the realm of cyber security. From cybersecurity mesh to specialized network security and more, there’s bound to be a fair share of strides in this sector.


Automated Intelligence

What do you get when you combine machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics? Well, you might get what’s called Intelligent Process Automation, or Intelligent Automation for short.

This term encapsulates a wide set of digital technology to transform industries across the world. In fact, some even call it the next major phase of digital transformation. When used correctly, it can automate business processes to enhance customer experience while cutting down on expenses without taking a toll on profitability.

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