cloud computing, Virtualization, cloud services 6 Key Virtual Desktop Benefits for Businesses

Virtual desktops allow employees to access their work computers remotely. They essentially store the company operating system and data on a network that can be accessed from anywhere, on any device. As you might have guessed, this can be extremely beneficial for businesses.

6 Great Virtual Desktop Benefits

1. Easy Network Access

The most popular of all virtual desktop benefits is the fact that employees can easily access company data from anywhere. It’s perfect for a wide range of situations, such as the following:

  • An employee who stays home sick but is feeling well enough to do some work
  • An employee who needs to get a bit of work done while the office is closed
  • An employee who spends a lot of time traveling but needs to access the company network to use important documents
  • Inclement weather prevents an employee from being at work physically, but they want to get work done from home

2. Simple to Scale

Without getting into boring, technical specifics, virtual desktops make it extremely easy to add new users to your network. For example, if you hire a new employee, your IT administrator can set up a profile for them very quickly.

3. Consistent Backups

Virtual desktops are remarkably easy to back up onto both local storage systems and cloud storage systems. Having updated, dynamic backup files in multiple storage locations is great for disaster recovery.

4. Strong Cyber Security

Virtual desktop infrastructure allows your IT administrator to set user permissions and update software for each device on the network. This way, they can ensure that all cyber security systems are up-to-date and all endpoints are adequately protected.

5. Streamlined Support

Since the IT team can access any device on the network, it’s much easier for them to troubleshoot software issues and provide support.

In addition, if an employee on your network has hardware issues, they can move to another open machine and access their virtual desktop to continue working. In the meantime, the IT support team can troubleshoot the machine that’s having issues.

6. Cost Savings

Purchasing and maintaining hardware accounts for over 40 percent of IT costs for small businesses, on average. Using virtual desktop benefits your business by slashing that number, since it has a ton of computing and storage capabilities. You simply won’t need to rely as heavily on hardware.

There are numerous virtual desktop benefits that make it worthwhile for businesses of all sizes. Speak with your IT provider today if you’re thinking about introducing virtual desktops at your company.

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