Cybersecurity, Information Security What is an SSL Certificate, and does my Business Need one?

If your business has a website, you have a responsibility to keep both your company’s and your customers’ personal information secure. One of the easiest ways to do this is by installing an SSL certificate to your website. What is an SSL certificate, you ask? We have the answer.

What is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) certificate is a digital authenticator that establishes a secure, encrypted connection between a web browser and a web server (in other words, your website). It ensures that data will only be transmitted between the visitor and the website, decreasing the risk that it will be intercepted by a third party.

Now that we’ve answered the question “what is an SSL certificate?” we’ll talk about some of the benefits of having one.

Benefits of an SSL-Enabled Website                                                        

Website Security

Any sensitive data, including usernames, passwords, email addresses and credit card information needs to be as protected as possible, and SSL certificates add an extra layer of security.

This is done through encryption, which scrambles the data transmitted between a website and a visitor in such a way that it cannot be read by anyone else.

what is an ssl certificate

Adds Authenticity

When you visit a website, you can identify whether or not it has an SSL certificate by looking for either a little green lock or the prefix “https://” in the address bar. People will be more likely to trust your website if they see that it’s secure.

Also, many browsers now alert users if they’re visiting a non-SSL webpage that has a login or credit card form.

Necessary for Credit Card Payments

If you own an ecommerce business that accepts credit card payments through the internet, you’ll find that most payment portals require SSL certification in order to work properly.

Besides, if you fell victim to a cyberattack that exposed customers’ information, you’d be doing a huge disservice to them and causing a ton of damage to your company’s reputation.

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Does my Business need an SSL Certificate?

We recommend that all business websites, especially those that require logins and accept payments or donations, have an SSL certificate.

How to get an SSL Certificate

There are several services that offer SSL certificates, but we recommend contacting your IT support or web development team to fully discuss your options. Things can get a little bit tricky, and you don’t want to end up either being under-protected, or spending too much money on a service you don’t need.

So we’ve answered the question “what is an SSL certificate?” and have given a few reasons why it’s worth having one. Your next step is to get your website’s security up to standard!

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