Cybersecurity, Smart Technology, Cyber Attacks Why Alexa & Smart Devices Are a Network Vulnerability for Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the landscape of how business is conducted with more employees working from home than ever before. Cyberattacks against Internet-connected smart devices (IoT) is not a new phenomenon but with more employees working from home these devices are now a potential threat to your business. 15% of IoT device owners do not change the default password of devices on their home network, meaning there is a high probability that at least one of your employees has a vulnerable device on their home network. Hacking into these devices does not require an in-depth knowledge of computer technologies but a single Google Search as many companies provide their default credentials online to help users set up these devices.

The average American household has between 10-11 smart connected devices on their home network from Alexas, Ring doorbells and smart TVs to video game consoles, smart fridges and even smart toilets. Each of these devices serves as a point of access for potential hackers and should be considered a security risk for companies with large numbers of employees working from home. It is in the best interest of your cybersecurity to educate your end-users on how they can secure their home network.


How to Secure Your Home Network from Potential Threats

Change Passwords of Smart Devices

Make sure to change the passwords of smart devices while setting them up.

Limit the Number of Smart Devices on Your Network

Many people will connect a device to their network purely for the fact that it has network capabilities but never utilize those capabilities. Identify devices that do not need to be on your network and remove them from it. Fewer access points on your network will minimize your risk.


Update Smart Devices

Make sure to keep the smart devices on your home network updated to avoid vulnerabilities.

Create a Separate Wi-Fi Network for Your Business Devices

Most home routers nowadays can create a guest network. It is best to use one network for your trusted devices like your work phone and work computer. Make sure to create a complex password containing upper- and lower-case letters, numbers, and symbols for this separate network. Do not add any smart devices to this network. This is the most secure way to work from home.

It is hard to keep up to date with the ever-changing digital landscape but the IT team at TCI Technologies can assist your business in learning more. Contact us today.

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