When you’re deciding what type of exchange server will best suit your company, there are a number of factors that you have to take into consideration. The most important factor is the size of your business. Do you have more than 50 employees? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then local is, without question, the way to go. The cost of providing access to a hosted exchange server for a large number of users will be significantly higher than purchasing an in-house server. Additionally, if you employ more than 50 people, chances are you’ll have plenty of space for an in-house server.

Benefit #1 – COST

A local exchange server is a sizeable upfront cost, which is often a concern for business owners. However, the long term value of a local exchange server is tremendous for large companies. Once we’ve installed your hardware, you’re done paying for it--the space is yours to do with it as you please. That means that you’re only responsible for paying for the support service that’s associated with running the server, but not for any of the actual server space that you’re using. With a hosted exchange server, your monthly rates are not only for support, but for the actual server space itself, meaning that cost never decreases. Over time, the combination of the initial cost and low service fees will be much less than the cost of unchanging fees for a hosted exchange server, and the larger your company, the sooner that value becomes evident.

Benefit #2 – EFFICIENCY

Especially in large offices, much of the email communication that goes on occurs internally, from department-to-department, colleague-to-colleague. With a local exchange server, all of your interoffice communications are being routed through the same local intranet, ensuring that messages are delivered more quickly. local exchange server

When you communicate with a cloud server, there’s a certain degree of transmission time that often varies. If your fast-paced, large-scale company doesn’t have the time to waste waiting, you need a local exchange server.

Benefit #3 – SECURITY

Emails that are exchanged within your company often contain highly confidential information that you wouldn’t want anyone on the outside peering into. When you host all of your email correspondence on a local exchange server, you never have to worry that anyone outside your organization will be accessing your private files and documents. With TCI Technologies supporting your exchange server, you’re doubly protected against breeches in security, because our staff is monitoring your activity 24/7 to ensure that your server stays secure. Also, with a local exchange server, you own all of your information. It is all held within a physical server that is entirely yours, so no one will ever be able to withhold your information from you when you need access to it.

Benefit #4 – BACKUP

Everything on your local exchange server is backed up by TCI Technologies to protect your information. If something is ever accidentally deleted by one of your employees, we can recover the file from our physical backup, getting your team back to work quickly, with minimal disruption to the workflow.


Your employees are skilled in what they do, keeping your business running and the revenue flowing, but IT support isn’t everyone’s forte. That’s why you need to put your exchange server’s maintenance into the experienced hands of the team at TCI Tech, because they’re the best at what they do. Our support team is available when you need them, no matter what issue you’re facing. While other IT support companies clock out at the end of the work day, our techs are on-call 24/7 to handle your needs when they occur—when your computer crashes at midnight on Friday, you’ll have support right then and there, you won’t have to wait until 9 o’clock Monday morning. Is a local exchange server with TCI Tech support the right fit for your company? If you prioritize efficiency, security, immediate support, and value, the answer is a resounding ‘YES!’ Call TCI Technologies today to learn more about how our services can make your business the best that it can be!

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