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Since the Internet is so prominent in the life of just about every American, President Obama has designated October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Participating in National Cybersecurity Awareness Month will not only provide you with education about cybersecurity, but will give you the opportunity to educate others as well.

The Need for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Statistics about cybersecurity, or, cyber insecurity, rather, are shocking. From ransomware to Trojans, there are plenty of ways by which your cybersecurity can be compromised. Since 87 percent of American adults use the Internet and that number is likely to go up, cybersecurity education is imperative in order to protect the sensitive information contained in computers owned by individuals and businesses alike.

What Does National Cyber Security Awareness Month Offer?

From tip sheets for parents to infographics that focus on businesses, there are plenty of resources that aid in cybersecurity awareness. STOP. THINK. CONNECT., which is a campaign run by the National Cyber Security Alliance, will be hosting Twitter chats every Thursday this month about different cybersecurity topics. They also offer different cybersecurity toolkits for different audiences, a blog with cybersecurity news and tips and educational videos.

Getting Involved

Don’t hesitate to get involved in National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Spreading cybersecurity knowledge can save the people around you from becoming the victims of cybercrime.

Step Up on Social Media

If you’re an avid social media user, post cyber safety tips with the hashtag #CyberAware and replace your photos with the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month logo. If you’re a blogger, write a few blog posts that detail cybersecurity events.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Help at Home

Sending emails to your friends and family encouraging them to look further into this epidemic can inspire them to do the same, further spreading the reach of cybersecurity awareness. The STOP. THINK. CONNECT. tip sheet is filled with useful reminders, so it’s perfect for printing out and placing next to any of your home computers.

Spread the Word at Work or School

You can download and print the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month poster here and display it at your office, school, and religious institution—wherever you feel it will reach a lot of people.

Active participation in National Cybersecurity Awareness Month will only educate you. Even if you think you know all there is to know about cybersecurity, take some time to educate people who are not as tech-savvy as you in order to do your part in cultivating a more cyber-secure nation.

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