Windows 10, business computing Why Your Business Needs the New, Free Windows 10 Upgrade

windows 10 upgrade

The recent Windows 10 upgrade (available for free for a limited time) offers a slew of new features on an enhanced operating system. Find out how it has the potential to increase workers’ productivity.

6 New Features of the Windows 10 Upgrade

1. Hey Cortana

Microsoft 10’s digital personal assistant aims to make your life easier one command at a time. Cortana responds to the sound of your voice, much like Apple’s Siri.

Searches for You

Cortana uses natural language search to decipher even complex questions or commands. You can search for office files, photos, news, music and more.

Keeps You in the Know

Cortana has been programmed to keep you informed about the world around you, including upcoming events, meetings, news or even your investment portfolio.

Issues Reminders Based on Location and Time

The digital personal assistant’s reminders are smarter in Windows 10. It can give a reminder based on location, a time or a person. For example, Cortana can remind you to pick up toner while you are shopping at Staples.

Complete Tasks

Need to set an alarm, search for a file, get directions or schedule a meeting? Cortana can do that for you, too.

Makes Recommendations

Cortana is programed to learn your personal preferences to issue recommendations, like books or movies. It is also capable of tracking your flights or shipping confirmations.

2. Enhanced Start Menu

The Windows 10 upgrade provides an enhanced, user-friendly experience for your business’ employees. The new and improved Start menu is now more customizable. You can enlarge the Start menu, pin apps or programs, or move and regroup tiles. The Start menu’s live tiles can provide you with streaming updates.

3. Edge, a New Browser

With its Windows 10 update, Microsoft has rolled out a new browser: Edge. Depending on your device, it allows you to type notes directly on web pages with a tablet pen, finger or mouse and then share those notes with others instantly.

Reading view, which clears extraneous content out of the way, can help a worker stay focused on the task at hand.

Microsoft also touts the speed of its new browser, which it says has faster page load speed than both Chrome and Firefox.

windows 10 upgrade

4. Cross-Device Capability

Windows 10 also improves users’ cross-device capability. Microsoft Office 2016 apps, such as OneNote and OneDrive, sync across devices. Employees can transition at any time between tablet, phone or desktop and the screen will automatically scale accordingly.

5. Continuum

Continuum allows your employees to work on a second screen while multi-tasking on their phone at the same time. For example, an employee can participate in a conference call on their phone that is plugged into their computer where they are typing notes in Word.

The syncing capabilities are excellent for working on-the-go. The Windows 10 upgrade enables you to dock your phone using a monitor, mouse and keyboard that creates a PC-like work environment.

6. Added Security

Microsoft proclaims this Windows release to be its most secure ever. Windows 10’s enhanced features are said to help protect against viruses, malware and phishing attacks.

The update also introduces Windows Hello. Its cutting-edge software enables you to unlock any device through facial recognition or touch instead of a traditional password.

If you have any other questions about how the Windows 10 upgrade can benefit your business, call TCI Technologies at (516) 484-5151.


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