TCI Tips, The Internet 8 Browser Shortcuts to Help Make your Life Easier

browser shortcuts

Internet browsers are designed to streamline your experience as your surf the net. Shortcuts aside, browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge, which is a Windows 10 exclusive, are already extremely useful and provide great data security. But, when you mix in these user-friendly browser shortcuts, life gets even easier.

The Most Helpful Browser Shortcuts

Go Home

After you’ve read through a lengthy webpage and want to get back to the top, the amount of times you spin your mouse’s scroll wheel nearly constitutes a month’s workout. Instead of furiously scrolling back up the page, just press the Home key on your keyboard. If you’ve never used this key before, you’re not alone. It’s on the right side of your keyboard above the arrow keys in case you can’t find it.

Mouse-Free Reading

If you’re a fan of the above shortcut, you’ll probably like this one too. When you’re reading a webpage, you can press the space bar to jump down a page at a time. If you want to scroll back up, just press Shift-Space. This makes mouse-free reading super easy.

Find Stuff Fast

One of the most convenient browser shortcuts of all time is Ctrl-F. Pressing Ctrl-F brings up a little search bar at the top of your screen in which you can being typing. As you type, you will be brought right to any matches within the text of the webpage. This also works for PDFs, Word documents and just about any other window on your computer.

Tab Jumping

Another great mouse-free trick is jumping between tabs. This is convenient when you have a ton of tabs open at once. To jump to the next tab, just press Ctrl-Tab. To toggle back to the previous one, press Ctrl-Shift-Tab.

browser shortcuts

Tab Resurrection

If you’re quickly clicking back and forth between tabs, a slight mis-click can close out of a webpage you weren’t yet ready to leave. To reopen the last tab that was closed, press Ctrl-Shift-T.

Zoom Like a Pro

Holding down the Ctrl key and moving the mouse wheel up and down will respectively zoom in and out of the webpage you’re viewing. To return to the default zoom level, press Ctrl-0 (that’s the zero key, not the letter “O”).

Immediate Address Bar Access

We know now that the Home key takes you to the top of the website, but what if you want to jump right to the address bar from anywhere on the page? There are actually three different shortcuts to do so: Ctrl-L, Alt-D and F6. Using this command will highlight whatever text is present in the address bar, so you can immediately begin typing and navigate to a new web address without using the mouse.

Commands From the Address Bar

Once your cursor is inside the address bar, there are two nifty shortcuts you can do. Pressing Ctrl-Enter adds the prefix “www.” and the suffix “.com” to whatever you’ve typed into the address bar. For example, type in “tcitechs” and press Ctrl-Enter and will be opened.

If you want to open the same webpage that’s in the address bar in a new tab, press Alt-Enter.

Memorizing these browser shortcuts takes some time, but once you’ve got them down pat, you’ll be much more productive with your time on the Internet.

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