new features of iOS9

Soon after debuting the iPhone 6s, Apple has released a significant upgrade to its mobile operating system. With improvements across the board, the new features of iOS9 create an easier, more enjoyable experience.

New Features of iOS9


One of the best new features of iOS9 is its expanded search capability. Search is now broken down into categories, including Siri suggestions, Nearby and News. You can also search the Settings app, web pages or perform quick math calculations in the search bar.


If you ever have trouble navigating back and forth between apps, you will appreciate the new “Back” button on iOS9. The “Back” button, which is displayed in the status bar, quickly returns you to the previous app.

Another convenient new feature is the Apple Pay shortcut. When your iPhone is locked, just double tap the home button to avoid fumbling with your phone at the checkout features of ios9


Apple Maps received a major upgrade with the addition of public transit information. Bus, train, subway and ferry directions, lines and stations are customized for some cities. Siri will respond with transit directions, too. Maps now displays what’s nearby to eat, drink, buy and enjoy.


Since selfies and cell phones go hand-in-hand, Apple has created a new photo folder specifically for these type of photos. Actually, all pictures taken with the front-facing camera will automatically go into the Selfies folder.

In older versions of iOS, selecting photos one at a time was a chore. The Photos app on iOS9 now allows you to select groups of photos simultaneously with the swipe of a finger.


When your phone’s battery life falls below 20 percent, the new iOS9 Low Power setting reduces the strain on your battery. In this mode, mail fetch, background app refresh, automatic downloads and some visual effects are reduced or turned off. With these new features of iOS9, apps and other software operate more efficiently to decrease overall battery usage.


If you are wondering how to secure your mobile device, rest assured that Apple is too. The new features of iOS9 include security upgrades. The new iOS9 adds six-digit passcodes and a double authentication feature to protect you better.


iOS9’s upgrades to its Notes app now supports drawing, handwritten notes and embedding photos. Now, it’s possible to create a checklist on your phone to cross off your to-dos. iOS9 lets you add web links, attachments and more to a new or existing note. Notes is now also compatible with Cloud services, which will give you easy accessibility from other devices, like an iPad.


iOS9 enhances your email experience. The new “markup” feature allows you to draw, write text or add a signature to photos that are attached to an email. Apple now lets you attach other file types to an email besides just a photo or a video.

If you are still undecided about downloading iOS9, it’s new, faster downloads that require less space on your hard drive is yet another reason to enjoy this upgrade.

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